The DJs

DJ Simon the mix master of the duo. His witchcraft like wizardry on the decks is something to behold, as well as being thoroughly entertaining. No matter what the genre, he can beat-match, loop and sample his way through a set like no other.

Formally one half of the AC Roadshow with his older Brother Chris; Simon has clocked up over 25 years of DJi’ng experience and with 2000+ gigs under his belt, plays a key part of the Disco Jackers team. And if you like you’re evening with a retro dance flavour, then Si is your man.

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DJ James

...has been DJ’ing for over 14 years and has extensive experience playing to varying types of audiences from family occasions to large dance events.

As well as all the different people, James has played many different types of venues, from the humble pub gig to the gargantuan Empress Ballroom at the Blackpool Wintergardens.

Specialities include talking up the crowd using lots of banter and audience participation, along with a vast knowledge of all the latest music.

The Crew

..for those larger gigs or where a different set of skills are required, Disco Jackers also has the invaluable help of DJs Ben Graham and Phil Hartley.

Phil is the Freddie Flintoff of DJs and has good all-round knowledge music. He has a particular penchant for 90s dance tunes.

Ben is the mash-up king, somehow managing to blend music from wildly different genres and eras to create a mind boggling, dance inducing, all the while entertaining, experience. For anyone lucky enough to witness this phenomenon, Ben can be recognised by his trademark bounce while he DJs.

Simon & James

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